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Genres: Pop Punk / Indie / Punk

Location: Jogjakarta, Indonesia

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4 tracks


GIGIN - voices
KEVIN - guitar
TUMA - bass
DANIS - drum

Bands these days come and go so quickly. "It's terrifying. But we don't want to be like that. We want to last, and I believe that we will last, and that we have what it takes. I think listeners will be surprised by "berdiri lagi". Some of the kinds of preconceptions some people have about what we're really about are wide off the mark, and I'm looking forward to putting that right. How are we going to do that? We're going to do it by working hard: by getting into people's faces and not going away.

We swore that if NONALISA ended we would throw in the towel to a serious project again because it is very demanding, draining yet rewarding. It's a drug; period. The other guys and NONALISA started writing some new jams and I ALREADY am getting excited. So we've decided to give this music thing ONE more shot as a serious go. We think we have the know how, the talent and the marketing skills to push our band to be more successful than before.

We wish luck and hope succeeds. There is no bad blood or hard feelings. It was a FUN run as NONALISA. I never in a million years thought that I'd be on MTV, iTunes, Touring the city multiple times, played with SOOOOO many great bands and met so many cool people.

So PLEASE be on the look out for our (the remaining members) new project. I think you guys will dig it POP-PUNK and we can't wait to show you.

Facebook : Nonalisa

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REZA : 085729161570
CABUL : 08562887785




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