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No Change For Machines

We are currently recording our 4 song EP


Genres: Rock / Metal / Hardcore

Location: Staten Island, NY

Stats: 0 fans / 73 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Billy Ben Frank Stark Rich

No Change for Machines began as just a jam session between two co-workers, but has turned into a group of friends that have quickly become one of the local scenes bands to check out. The group was started by an impromptu meeting at work between guitarist Benny Rosario and drummer Chris Disalvo in the winter of 2007. Finding out they knew each other from the local scene, they decided to play together just for fun. At the time, neither member was in a band. Benny had been replaced in his previous band, A City Invisible, where he played drums, while Chris was and still is in a cover band called No Standards, but wanted to play original music as well. After a few practices, the chemistry between Benny and Chris was apparent so they decided to bring in other musicians to fill the remaining holes. Being versatile musicians, Chris stayed on drums while Benny became the guitarist. The bassist position was the easiest to fill. Benny brought in friend and former band mate Frank to play bass. A few unsuccessful attempts at finding a second guitarist led them to Chris Stark, who currently plays bass in the No Standards cover band with Chris. One day Stark just happened to be at casa de Chris with his guitar while the three piece was working on a song and inadvertently auditioned for the band because the old guitar player never showed up to practice. The band realized that Stark would be the perfect addition to the group after a few run through of their song Brand New Day. Once the instrumental portion of the band was solidified, the search for a singer began. First choice was friend and former Dark Daze singer, Richy Ryan. Benny invited Richy to hear their only fully written song Brand New Day. After an audition, the band was unsure of what they wanted the vocals to sound like so they decided to try out other singers. Over a seven month period, many singers auditioned, but no one stood out as strongly as Richy and his lyrics and vocals to Brand New Day. After a meeting, the band contacted Richy to see if he would join the band. The band immediately began writing new material together and a month later performed their first show together in October 2008 at Dock Street in Staten Island, New York. The band continues to write and perform music that a wide variety of fans enjoy. From melodic choruses to metal core breakdowns, No Change for Machines perfectly blends these styles.

- Jessica Moser.