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No Avail


Genres: Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Sacramento, CA

Stats: 606 fans / 49,617 plays / 49 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brian | Joey | Kevin | Andrew (LtoR)

Formed over six years ago in the depths of a local rock scene swarming with hardcore and metal acts, No Avail decided then and there to go against the grain and play what they love. And while it has been a uphill battle ever since, the band has still managed to persevere and make their mark with the undeniably catchy pop-punk sound their ever growing cult of fans have come to love. By combining three parts punk, one part pop, and one part tare-your-face-off rock, No Avail creates pop-punk opuses to please the sensibilities of every rock lover. Whether it's the power of the shredding guitars, thundering drums, or angelic dual harmonies, they will make a convert out of any skeptic the second they're seen live. With the energy of 20 crack addled chips funneled through four master performers, it'd be the understatement of a lifetime to say they only put on a "good" show. Currently hard at work on songs for a new album, No Avail already have two self funded EP's on the shelf. And they're just getting started.

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    Love it Apr 29
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  • alyxAlternative said:
    I love Eye To Eye (: Mar 22
  • ace_castillo said:
    hey!!! checkout our band FALTARAZON... Sep 23
  • @s-it-m@y-seem said:
    whoo Sacramento i only live an hour away _ V-T0WN Luv u guys May 24
  • coral. said:
    one of you have a sister named abby. i know herrr. :] May 01
  • crazy_girl327 said:
    yu uys are amazing! yu should already be signed! Jan 14
  • Forward_Motion812 said:
    You guys are AWESOME! I love the music, and I\'ve listened to Eye To Eye like 253 times today. Come play in Maryland!!!!!!! That would pretty much be the sweetest thing ever. Oct 20
  • Steller-stuff said:
    luv u guys Jul 05

2005/2006 Demo

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Dry Ice Bomb Summer EP

No release date

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