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Freelance Web-site designers - Select the best One

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Nowadays, a person or an organization that wants to make a website hires web design professionals to do the job. This can be a cost-effective, time-saving and results-oriented alternative to creating websites on the do-it-yourself basis especially when said individual - say, yourself - has virtually no skills, knowledge and time for said project.

Let's assume that you've chosen to employ a design professional to complete the job. Your next concern is choosing between hiring a freelance designer along with a designer employed by a professional company.

Let's then compare the pros and cons of hiring a freelance designer along with a company-employed designer. This early, however, we should say that either choice will yield similar results in terms of a professional-looking, user-friendly and traffic-attractive website.

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Understandably, the first consideration is the total project cost especially when your small business is still in its infancy stage or when your clients are struggling with finances underneath the recessionary economy. You have to also feel from the maintenance costs following the website is made, launched and advertised within the proper channels.

When it comes to costs, a freelance designer may charge just one company for several reasons. The previous don't have the worries of overhead costs, operation expenses along with other billable charges that the latter must deal with on each project. You can then save hundreds of dollars on the professional service fees with freelance professionals.

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This does not mean to express that a design company charges exorbitant fees. It should be noted the term "exorbitant fees" is relative meaning that what might be exorbitant for Project A might not be so for Project B. Other factors like complexity of the project should be considered in the total project quote.


There are many factors that affect the outcome delivered by whether freelance web designer or perhaps a website design company. These factors include but aren't limited to the expertise of the net designer, the demands of the client, and also the timeframe provided for project completion.

If both the freelance web designer and the company-retained web designer have similar professional qualifications to do the job. In this case, the outcomes will be similar so long as the client sets reasonable expectations, works actively with the designer, and maintains a wide open type of communication.

It ought to be emphasized, however, that many company-retained web designers have the benefit of in-house trainings. Freelance web designers will need to take it upon themselves to endure advanced training to stay competitive. Your work then is to ask the net designer about his professional qualifications (i.e., education, training, work experience and portfolio of work) regardless of his status of employment before making your decision.

In the end, if you wish to create a website - your website, to be more specific - you have to take full responsibility from start to finish regardless of whether the webs designer working on it's retained by a company or works as a freelancer.

Posted Jun 29, 2012 at 7:34am