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Nine Black Alps


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Nine Black Alps

Nine Black Alps are a rock band from Manchester, UK. We've just finished recording our third studio album over the winter of 2009 and we've just released the first track from the album - a song called 'Buy Nothing' as a free download on our website - nineblackalps.com. Go grab it!

We are:

Sam Forrest - Guitar / Vocals
James Galley - Drums / BV's
Martin Cohen - Bass
David Jones - Guitar

Check us out on myspace, or on our official website at nineblackalps.com. You can also follow us on Twitter. Do it.


  • VinniĆ« Rodrigues said:
    good band!!!! Oct 06
  • xox said:
    Good ol' music from back home :) Mar 05
  • LauraAshdown said:
    oh man ive loved you guys for ever, saw you when you toured with your first album and oh my god, it was mental! can\'t wait to see you live again! Oct 05
  • the-dude-u-don't-know said:
    i love your guy\'s music.............it\'s awsome! Aug 21
  • DrumsetACE said:
    U are my fav band of all time ! ! ! Your sound is like no other. Crazy good stuff Mar 31
  • withoutananchor said:
    I\'m so glad that you have a purevolume. I remember first seeing you at Siren Music Festival ages ago, and you were my favorite band of the lineup. I can\'t wait till you come back to the states! xx Katie Jan 10
  • SorrowInMyEyes said:
    OMG OMG...like OMg....you guys are so awesome! i finally found you too...geez...We\'ll have a good one... Nov 24
  • zach(is cool like ice cream haha) said:
    you guys are like, my favorite band! =D i have you guys CD it\'s so awesome Nov 20
  • My chucks don\\'t have heels said:
    hey i love you guys sooooo much i bought your CD, but your soooo far away Aug 30
  • starinyourfire said:
    you guys were freaking awesome at street scene it was great seeing you guys for the first time, really great show!! Aug 13
  • said:
    NBA RULES! Jul 31
  • Minus720 said:
    I go on this site and litsten to your badass music. Jul 30
  • Sing With Your Head Up said:
    Hey guys long time no see. I don\'t know if You remember me, but I hung out with you guys at your last Toronto show at the El Mocambo. It was pretty cold, but the show was a good time and you guys were cool. I just wanted to know how you guys were doing. Have you played any \"debauch\" shows lately? Have fun playing the rest of your shows!!! ~Meghan~ Jul 30
  • heroinemissing said:
    You guys are great. Good to hear of an awesome band out of the UK. Much love. Jul 18
  • said:
    love the song cosmopolitan Jun 22

Love / Hate

Oct 29, 2007

Cosmopolitan (Single)

Nov 30, 1999

Everything Is

No release date


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