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Nils Kronquist


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Alternative

Location: Atlanta, GA

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I'm considering making an album. Gimme a shout if you'd be interested in obtaining a copy.

I write music as a stress reliever, as a way of interpreting what's going on in my life. A few of the songs i've written are just updated versions of songs I did when I was in highschool. However, no one heard them then, so their updated to me. HAH!

Anyway, it's acoustic music. If you like it, great. Gimme a shout, leave me a comment on my MySpace Profile

I will be putting up songs as fast as I can get this 'puter box thingy to work. So there.

Keep checking up on me, i'm like a mystical STD. I just don't stop.

Ok, bad analogy.

If you feel like linking me on your site, feel free to use this.



  • sammyh said:
    I love the acoustic sound. May 17
  • amberleigh said:
    so, i REALLY like ur music. ur really talented (and pretty hott lol) *amber Jan 14

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