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Nights in the Spacelab


Genres: Electronic / Rock

Location: Canada

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4 tracks

Members: Philippe Morin

"Awesome sounds and I love the feel of the tune. cool beat too. great job!
-Ronald Jenkees, commenting on the track "Superpowers"

First things first: Click here to hear and download all 13 tracks.

This project started as a Youtube series which is still available at www.youtube.com/inuvikphil and updated about once a week.

I now present my first album - 35 minutues long - which is based on John Byrne's 1989 comic-book epic "The Trial of Galactus."

Byrne's story line of the Fantastic Four meeting Galactus -- a giant outer-space being who feeds on planets -- is what I consider to be the high point in 45 years of Fantastic Four comics.

(Reed Richards and others defeat Galactus but spare his life. Galactus thanks the heroes, decides in his gratitude to spare earth and leaves. But of course he eats their neighbours' planet and the survivors hold Richards' responsible.)

It's a great moral dilemma wrapped up in galactic travel, weird aliens, million-year-old space ships, the Silver Surfer and of course Richards' never-ending laboratory of Jack Kirby-inspired giant machines and inventions. New York ends up transported into space, the Norse god Odin appears and there is the character of "Uatu the Watcher," who lives in an extra-dimentional house on the moon.

Every time I hear Moog sounds I can't help but think of Byrne's vision of a limitless cosmos, full of different aliens' voices, spaceships and civilizations.

Hope you enjoy it!

Equipment used:
Moog Little Phatty (monophonic synthesizer)
Roland Juno 60 (polyphonic synthesizer)
Line 6 delay pedal
Korg ER-1 drum machine
Korg ES-X drum machine
Fostex digital multitrack


  • John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Schmidt said:
    Inuvik Phil(ippe), I was introduced to your music through a chum who knows you. I've followed you aboot ever since. Couple of things. "Moon". Great movie - one of my favorites. I'm happy to see you reference the movie on some other sites of yours. Secondly, have you been following the Symphony of Science fella? I'm going to presume you have, but in the even you haven't http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo&feature=related . I suggest starting with "Glorious Dawn" or "We Are All Connected". I've listened to both of these songs while working in Inuvik and Tuk and looking up into the night sky. Little bit o' brain candy. Lastly: Thanks for the free album. I can't seem to find a donation box. I suspect if you are providing the album for free, you aren't looking to make monies from it, but nonetheless a donation box where upon people can donate what they think the album is worth, is in my opinon tasteful. Radiohead does this and the support they receive is admirable to say the least. My point: You create art, I'm happy to support you and your creativity. Should you set this up, be sure to let others know. Mar 18
  • James Hunter said:
    dude, anyone who writes a song about Galactus and The Watcher is L-E-G-I-T....True Believers have to represent.... Jul 29

The Trial of Galactus

Nov 07, 2008

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