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Nick Zinnanti


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Indie

Location: Bethpage, NY

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Members: Nick Zinnanti

Updated: April 13th, 2008

Well after the few years of being known as "Almost Famous", I believe this name really doesn't serve any justice as to exactly what I'm trying to get out of this project. From here on out, it is going to be a collection of ideas that come to me with time. I have been growing as a musician and my tastes in music has been evolving as I grow older. To put a label on exactly what I'm writing just merely wouldn't be fair; so I am merely just naming this project after myself because as I change with time, so will the music I will write. I appreciate all the support everyone has given me; it's honestly been incredible for all the bands and projects I've done. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Only time will tell what is on it's way for this project, it is not going to be a "serious" thing where shows are often played and such, but more of a growing thing when I feel that there is something that I need to get out. So as I'm "starting over" (hah) with this new outlook, I do hope you enjoy what you hear and still show the same support you always have. Thank you all!


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  • KAY said:
    I Loove You. :D:D:D:D:D Feb 07
  • Miss Mitzi said:
    I Love This Like Whoa A Whole Lot! >.< Come to RhodeIsland! xo Oct 22
  • Elly Is So Cool said:
    you're amazing!!! come to new york! Apr 14
  • samgurlalways said:
    Awesome cover... Apr 13
  • RoSeS iN bLoOd said:
    dude... you\'re AMAZING! Dec 29
  • stefanie! said:
    saw u play over the weekend! amazing Oct 16
  • drearyformalities said:
    i love the cd. you were so good at the vintage lounge yesterday. :D Oct 14
  • RoSeS iN bLoOd said:
    Nick, you OWN! wowwwww. = ) this is karly btw... we talked a bit earlier. haha. aha! everything is catchy like a deadly disease but AMAZING.... woowowow Sep 16
  • abit_Incognitoish said:
    your more than amzing Aug 31
  • stefanie! said:
    boy are you gorgeous and have a great voice :] post wen some shows are please! Jul 22
  • SoSadBabyHoneyDarlin said:
    Wow, you guys should be completely famous...your music is drop dead gorgeous...yes, music is gorgeous.. Jul 20
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hey There, Check out the Official Supernova Indie Music Podcast hosted by Me! WWW.SUPERNOVA.COM/KYLEWALLACE Jul 01
  • stefanie! said:
    heyy.. i rele like your songs.. i live by you.. do u play any local shows? Jun 30
  • madisonannx said:
    wow, your music is amazing. Jun 14
  • k.a.r.a.l.y.n.n said:
    did you play a show in winnipeg manitoba? Jun 11

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