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Home Security - Cheap Methods to Prevent Burglary

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It's nearly impossible to undergo a day without visiting a commercial on television or an ad in a paper or magazine for a home security company or product. The reason for that's simple. The home security business is rapidly approaching $63 billion a year in sales. Part of the reason why security alarm is such a huge business is because home burglary is so simple to accomplish. Most owners don't even lock their doors and windows so gaining access to a house is really a easy.

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As well as if your burglar is caught, the penalties are close to laughable. They provide simply no disincentive to commit another crime. And again the likelihood of getting caught are pretty slim. An experienced burglar could possibly get in and out of a house in less than Ten minutes.

Once the average value of goods taken in a house burglary is over $1700, it is easy to understand why home burglary is so popular. It's easy and lucrative too.

The best way to prevent burglary is to enhance your security alarm to a point in which a burglar who's casing your property does not want to take an opportunity on getting caught. There are outward signs the burglars look for when casing a neighborhood to spot the simplest homes to burglarize. And why would they pick a home that looks difficult?

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When a burglar is casing an area searching for easy targets, he searches for such things as a sign that announces there are video security cameras or perhaps a home security system in place. If it's at night, he might look for signs or a signal that individuals are at home for example lights that go on and off periodically. He may also look for spotlights on the outside. Burglars don't like light, particularly when they're trying to do their dirty deeds during the night. And most of burglars don't like security cameras. So if they see a home security camera they more than likely will pick another person's house. They are all signals that this is not a simple house to break into.

So for home security, instead of obtain a security system, why not just get a sign saying you have one? Rather than real security cameras that can be expensive, why don't you get the fake ones or dummy security cameras? They are a small fraction of the cost and look just like the genuine thing. After which if you are gone and want to have lights just off at periodic times to provide the sense that someone is at home, consider getting a Random Timer.

Each one of these cheap security products work on improving your home security in preventing possible burglaries at a fraction from the cost of the real thing.

Posted Jun 09, 2012 at 5:02am