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Suggestions For Making A Cheaper Wedding Venue Reservation

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Your wedding is among the most unforgettable moments in your life and surely, you'll want everything to be perfect for this day. While you are thrilled to start with the preparation for this special occasion, something that may diminish that enthusiasm is the price of the occasion.

Between the wedding gown, the flowers, cake, music, professional photography, drinks and food and all sorts of additional expenses you need to face, the supposedly blissful event can leave you devastated with all the cash that you have spent.

There are things though to help you decrease your expenses such as deciding on a reasonably priced venue. Here are some ideas on finding the right venue which is easy on the wallet.

Using Your Yard

Although a garden wedding is not as posh as a wedding thrown at reception halls or classy hotels, it can certainly be as sophisticated and unforgettable also. If you have a flat and beautiful backyard that could accommodate the quantity of family and friends for the wedding and reception, then you can use it for a small, laid-back wedding and reception. You could choose from a number of themes like garden party, bbq, seaside theme or anything you may wish to have.

However, if you want to have a more conventional setup, a backyard wedding may be more costly as you will need to rent pretty much everything like the dining tables, seats, wait staff a various other necessary things. A garden wedding and reception is a great money-saving option in specific situations.

Think About Other Venues Aside From The Well Known Ones

It's not surprising that when planning for wedding parties, wedding venues are generally set in reception halls, classy hotels along with other comparable venues. The prices however are usually very costly so for a couple who wishes to save money, it might be better to think about various other non-traditional wedding venues.

Ask for rates from places where weddings aren't typically held like dining establishments, clubs, the local art galleries in your town, recently opened businesses as well as at the community park. Since these aren't well-known for hosting weddings, they're not going to charge you with extravagant charges.

Look For A Wedding Venue In The Outer Suburbs

If you live in a large city, chances are wedding venues will be very pricey. If you'd like to book a more economical venue, you will have to take a drive out to the 'burbs where reception halls are definitely cheaper.

Your alternatives for a venue will probably be limited but with the amount that you can save, the distance is not going to be an issue. Larger cities have higher prices for wedding venues so heading to less populated towns will give you better offers.

Hold The Wedding Ceremony And Reception At The Same Venue

Rather than the normal way where you hold the marriage ceremony and the reception at two different places, why don't you locate a venue that will allow you to have both? This will enable you to book just one venue as opposed to two, saving you some money. Your guests will love your wedding since they won't need to move from where the ceremony is held to the wedding party venue.

These are just some ways you can find a lower cost venue. Have them in mind when you are planning for the wedding and reception and you'll surely be capable of finding the very best venue that won't cost that much.

Posted Oct 08, 2012 at 8:00am