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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Electronic

Location: England

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Members: 3: AARAN - Vocals, Guitar, 5 String Bass. CRAIG - Synthonics, Programming, Vocals. PETE - Fretless Bass & Back-Up Vox.

Assembled from the surviving parts and crew of notable but not widely recognised vessels NEW HOLE IN HER HEAD, SUMP and BURNING QUESTION in AD 2003.

NewType originally had a six man team of experts in noise generation, specifically three operators of amplified drive wires of mid to high frequency, one operative of percussive and repetitive sub-patterns, one executor of synthezised resonances and sample processing and one engineer of low frequency sub-sonic vibrations.

It's personnel were soon streamlined to just two members after it's was agreed that it was overcrewed and four of it's team were assigned to another vessel - DENT. Of the original six crew members that remained were NewType's two founders and brothers Aaran & Craig Newtype who continued valiantly on in the face of much opposition and hardship.

After a short period as a duo several additional members came and went - including one imaginary pirate and a delusional sound engineer with the ear bends - they were eventually able to expand their personnel to a stable three man unit with the addition of seismic low frequency specialist Pete Shepard after rescuing him from the smoking wreckage of their sadly missed sister vessel BEG TO DIFFER.

Once more with a fully functional compliment of personnel they continue with their mission in exploring the vast and non-dimensional soundscapes of the musiverse and it's endless possibilities documenting and recording their findings on Compact Disc format and distributing them digitally throughout the ether for past and future generations to decipher.

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May 01, 2006


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