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New Starting Over


Genres: Emo / Screamo / Rock

Location: Osaka, Japan

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4 tracks

Members: Doige, Shun, Peki, Eiki.

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4 Piece emo/rock/screemo band from Japan.New EP out on March 3 2004.We formed in the early februaly 2003,and supported by hurley international Japan,Schecter guitars Japan and vestal watch(straightsix Japan).If you feel good,sign our guestbook or email us.

Our new album {Story Ending} in stores now,
Please check it out.

The insanity you feel from beauty and the beauty appears between these insanities.
That is like being able to touch light and shade,interesting with Yin and yang.
The band ,NEWSTARTINGOVER has combined both these elements in their unique musical style,and is quickly gaining mass popularity.Hailing from Osaka,Japan,the band formed in early Feb 2003 and is regarded as the best screemo band in the Japanese Punk/Hardcore music scene.They've opened for STORY OF THE YEAR,supported for JACKSON UNITED,GLASSEATER,THE BLED,and most recently,SILVERSTEIN,and experience has seen the band develop into an unstoppable force,picking up scores of new fans along the way.While NEWSTARTINGOVER's sound grew from the loud rock revolution instigated by NIRVANA,then developing the screemo sound along side bands lik THE USED,they have their own Japanese musical sense that makes their music so engaging.At their live show,they bring a high level of energy and tnsion that balances perfectly with their slightly dark but beautiful sound,captivating audiences and peers alike -the band is admired by Jeph Howard,the member of the THE USED and STORY OF THE YEAR for their music.In late 2005,they released their 1st full album "STORY ENDING".The power of the album has left a determined footprint on the Japanese PUNK/HARDCORE music scene.Vocalization,Melody,elaborated texture of the songs and screaming voice all these elements have been fine tuned to maximum effect sincethe band's last EP "Sublimation""STORY ENDING" has opend the band up to the world and made them more internationally known.As a matter of fuct,since the album's release the band has recieved pages of emails and message postings on their website from overseas - almost more than they get from within Japan.They have toured relentlessly domestically and performed at "TASTE OF CHAOS JAPAN TOUR"late in 2005(with THE USED,STORY OF THE YEAR, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE,FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND,RISE AGAINST).THE band has been also supported by Hurley International Japan and Vestal Watch (StraightSix Japan).Currently,NEWSTARTINGOVER is planning their first US Tour for 2008.

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  • mike dalls said:
    Kept me entertained all afternoon. Sep 26
  • osmoe said:
    good work Sep 22
  • monty said:
    awesome work buddy .........keep it up Sep 05
  • foster said:
    i love with your job Sep 04
  • sandy said:
    superb Sep 01
  • Steveaus said:
    amazing Sep 01
  • Harry said:
    very nice frd Jul 18
  • vashikaranindia said:
    nicewrkk May 03
  • diecuttingbelt said:
    very nice Apr 23
  • Ijhrael Of [Shock At Summer] said:
    as i am a japanese. i am proud !! Jun 29
  • john said:
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  • tish said:
    you guys should come to charlotte north carolina :] Oct 25
  • lilemoneko said:
    luv luv Mar 28
  • Anni_is_kool said:
    Sorri abt the last comment (i was drunk), nah jus jokin, my brova went on my account and sent it, so i\'m very sorri. I love this band, keep it up u guys!!!!!!!!!!!New Starting order rocks!!!!!!!!!!!Kanichiwa to all of u guys and origato for listening ( i\'m still at beginner\'s stage in learnin Japanese but i\'m gettin there- still can\'t say bi though), so i\'ll say it in english, bye. Feb 11
  • samii. eulogy said:
    sweetness. [props] Aug 09


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