Young Statues Stream Covers 7" EP + Share Exclusive Track-by-Track

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Today (December 4) marks the release of Young Statues' Covers 7" EP, and while we're always excited to hear classics dusted off and made new again, we're especially excited about this effort. Why, you ask? Look at the tracks the band has chosen to recreate. Gems from New Order, Ryan Adams, Billy Bragg and Magnetic Fields...this is gold, friends. 

Each cover has been handled with care and re-interpreted with integrity, resulting in an EP that's inspired yet tributary. Stream the EP in full, and to hear the story behind each cover, read our exclusive commentary from frontman Carmen Cirignano.

Don't forget, this release is now available for your purchasing pleasure as of today, so grab it via Run For Cover Records.

Billy Bragg's "A New England"
Billy Bragg is one of my favorite songwriters. He speaks to his audience in such an honest and relatable way. This has been one of my favorite songs forever, and when I heard the acoustic duet with Kirsty Maccoll, I liked it even more. I thought it would be cool to do a unique spin and combine both versions, and Brianna Collins is a close friend of mine so I asked her to be a part of it. I think she did a really great job and I love how full it turned out.

Ryan Adams' "Ashes & Fire"
I've admired and loved his music all the way back to Whiskeytown and I've covered countless songs by him—the only difference being that we recorded this one. I think [the record this song comes off of] is great, my favorite thing he's done since '29.' "Ashes and Fire" is the title track and easily one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs of all time.

The Magnetic Fields' "California Girls"
This is definitely the cover on the EP that strays most from its original version. The original is a washy pop gem, I could play it over and over and not tire of it. I've always admired the Magnetic Fields for the diversity in their music—it's something we'd like to try to apply to our band down the line. Just a fun song to listen to, and even more fun to play.

New Order's "Age Of Consent" 
This is just one of my favorite songs of all time, period. I've wanted to cover this song for as long as I can remember, so when the idea came up for the 7", I knew right away that we would do this. We wanted to add a little bit of us and condense it, but not stray too far from the original. That led to using a lot of synths, which we've never really done before. Our friend John had basically the same keyboard used in the original, so he helped us out with this one. We had a lot of fun just experimenting with sounds we aren't as familiar with.

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