Westland Premiere "Steady Now" Video

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Westland battle the biggest of mental blocks in their new video for "Steady Now" — the ego. "Everyone has an ego. It protects you when you are scared, lifts you when you are weak, but it will strangle the life out of you if its not kept controlled," says vocalist Aaron Bonus. "This song is the bullet I used to kill mine."

Taking cues from this concept, the video sees the band jamming in a practice space, perpetually interrupted by a masked figure intent on throwing off their focus. They have their faces drawn on, get their instruments snatched out of their hands, have pretzels thrown in their mouth during vocal parts...things get real.

The video makes a sudden shift, though, when each member submits to a moment of vulnerability that ultimately helps towards ridding their ego. But what about that masked figure? There's an interesting spin at the end, but we're going to refrain from throwing out any spoilers!

Watch the video's exclusive premiere, buy the single here, and get ready for the band's new EP, Intimacy Without Intricacy, to drop January 8.

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