The PV List: Tokio Hotel Share Top 5 Christmas Traditions

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We all have our own personal holiday traditions, whether it be opening gifts with our family on Christmas day or locking ourselves up in our house and hanging out with our dog. Germany's Tokio Hotel help us get into the holiday spirit by divulging each of their individual traditions, as well as their Christmas band rule. Check out the list below, and watch their video for "Love Who Loves You Back" above.


Bill Kaulitz
In Germany we celebrate Christmas for 3 days. I love that cause it’s the perfect excuse to be drunk for almost a week! I like to be with my whole family, watch TV, eat a lot and act like i never moved out of my parents house and wrap presents (I am a wrapping master). When I'm in LA for Christmas I'm not ashamed to admit that I like to be at the happiest place on earth.


Tom Kaulitz
After I get really drunk from self-made Glogg I get naked and dance around the christmas tree singing my favorite christmas songs. Or I film my boy taking his first steps on the guitar. Sounds horrible. but come on ... he's still a puppy!

Gustav Schäfer
I'm really competitive when it comes to Christmas lighting and outdoor decor. My house has to be the brightest one in the neighborhood… Always! I plan everything 2 months in advance and spend all the the money I made on tour freaking everyone out with the craziest christmas decorations you can imagine.

Georg Listing
My favorite holiday tradition actually takes place the day after Christmas. After traveling though half of Germany to visit family members, the 26th is strictly reserved for myself. I stay in bed for 24 hours watching movies, eating disgusting stuff and sleeping until it hurts. No phones, computers or visitors. Just my dog, pillow and myself. Been doing this for a few years. It’s genius!

Tokio Hotel
Our band Christmas tradition or more like a rule is that we never buy presents for each other.


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