Sweatshirt Weather Premiere Translations EP

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Sometimes the best comebacks start with picking up where we left off—and Indiana's Sweatshirt Weather do just that, and then some, with their new EP Translations. Armed with unreleased tracks, previous releases, and a brand new cover, this EP pays tribute to the band's past and nods towards their future, while showcasing a blaring difference in sound: It's comprised entirely of acoustic renditions.

"Inspiration for me personally was fueled by the opportunity to step outside the box and redeliver the songs in a way to reach out to more people musically," bassist Chad Kulaga says of the recording process for Translations. "Although most of the tracks are essentially acoustic covers we approached the writing and recording process of the music with a clean slate avoiding shortcuts and predictability as much as possible."

Old fans are sure to find something new within these six tracks. For starters, the album opens with new tune "Sunrise," which sets the tone for the impassioned acoustics, emotion-tinged melodies, and piercing harmonies that underline the whole effort. From here, highlights include an acoustic revision of High Hopes' "Maybe We'll Make It Summer," a vibrant rendition of Something Corporate's "Watch the Sky"—"a good choice because it gets over-looked a lot and we thought it'd work well with the style we were implementing on the rest of the EP," as the band told us—and a brand new track, "Sleepy Eyes."

Stream the EP in full right here, and head to their Bandcamp to do things the old fashioned way and purchase it for your collection!

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