This Is All Now + RadioDriveBy Top PV's Weekly Charts

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PureVolume's weekly charts reflect the site's most-played tunes over the course of the previous week. Every Monday morning, the Week tab on our Top Songs page ranks artists by the most-played jams. Our champion chart-toppers from the week of March 5-11 are:

1) This Is All Now: These New York pop punkers had us starry-eyed and dreaming with their stream of "Falling Faster." This song may have reminded us of Friday nights and carefree weekends, but its week-long lasting power proves this jam can amp up even your Monday grind.

2) RadioDriveBy: These Arizona pop-punkers are up one spot from last week's charts -- and they can thank oldie "Sunday" for the move. While the anthemic "Desiree" first won your heart and brought them their chart debut, it looks like it's this soft, acoustic side that's kept you spinning.

3) Good Old War: These Pennsylvania folk-rockers showered you with music and insight last week, when they premiered their new album, Come Back As Rain, alongside a PV Q&A. Of the eleven dynamic tracks, it was the jangling, grassroots tinged jam, "Touch The Clouds," that brought them this solid spot. 

4) BILLFOLD: This slot seems to be reserved for PV's foreign band population, since this is the second week in a row it's been snatched up by an Indonesian outfit. These guys churn out solid punk and hardcore instrumentation with"Save Them to Save Us," stealing the spot out from underneath last week's rulers, FORPLAY.

5) Morning Parade: These UK newcomers round out this week's chart with "Us & Ourselves," a song which actually made its PV debut over one month ago. Could it be that MP's upcoming SXSW stint at our own PureVolume House had you re-spinning this driving track? Possibly. If you're joining us down in Austin, TX make sure to catch them live Saturday, March 17.

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