Heroes and Underdogs and The Call Out Top PV's Weekly Charts

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PureVolume's weekly charts reflect the site's most-played tunes over the course of the previous week. Every Monday morning, the Week tab on our Top Songs page ranks artists by the most-played jams. Our champion chart-toppers from the week of Feb. 6-12 are:

1) Heroes and Underdogs: The band that officially budged He Is We from their No. 4 spot has now rocked their way to our top spot. This time, though, they're taking over with "Dear Sarah, I Wish Sorry Could Cover It," from their That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out EP. The EP premiered nearly two weeks ago, but it looks as though you haven't forgotten their name -- or their music -- quite yet. 

2) The Call Out: These New Jersey rockers proved that life can come complete with its own pop-punk soundtrack, with their new EP, Closer. They grab our No. 2 spot with EP opener, "Over It," and prove that when it comes to their music, you're clearly not. 

3) Silverstein: Last week saw a lot from these dudes. They shared a free download of "World on Fire," from their amazing new album Short Songs, and kept the love going with their thoughtful contribution to our Valentines Day special. All these new initiatives clearly had you craving some old, because it's "Sacrifice," from 2010's Transitions EP, that has brought the band to their current spot.

4) BILLFOLD: This Indonesian punk band makes their debut appearance on our charts with "#ABAIKAN." Though we're not sure what the song title means -- or what's up with that hashtag action -- we're still proud to see some awesome foreign music hitting our charts.

5) Running on Empty: These North Dakota pop-punkers round out this week's list with "Another Day (Pt. II)." For those not yet familiar with this band, get familiar. This song features jangling acoustics, great guitar riffs, pretty piano bits, and hook-filled choruses, fitting the bill for any good pop-punk jam with lasting power.

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