Peace Mercutio Premiere "(And That's How) Good Charlotte (Got Famous)" — Song of the Day

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It's not like Peace Mercutio need to name drop to get track plays, but we've got to admit, the title of their newest single certainly demands attention. "(And That's How) Good Charlotte (Got Famous)"—or "Good Charlotte" for short—doesn't actually answer the age-old question for curious pop punk kids, but it does offer up thunderous percussion, volatile guitar riffs, and fiery vocals that bridge the gap between hooky and emotive.

Produced by Brett Baird, the track is set to lead the band's forthcoming three-track EP, which is due out this June. But in order to breathe life into said EP, and allow the band to tour their new music, they're going to need your help. That's where their indiegogo campaign comes in. The rockers have put together a handful of exclusive fundraising packages, ensuring all fans will receive some sweet surprises for their thoughtful contributions.

Spin the single's premiere right here, and if you like what you hear, make sure to read up on their campaign to see how you can help!

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