Stream the World Premiere of the Oxymorrons' New Single, "Alone"

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“We are all different—different families, different thoughts and different experiences. The one thing we all have [in common] is our feelings," explains Queens-based duo Oxymorrons, who have been sweeping the nation with their eclectic blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B and raw emotion.

The pair speak to this commonality in their new single "Alone," which we're excited to be exclusively premiering today. Written and produced by Oxymorrons and White Indian, the track rides on moody hip-hop melodies and an incredible fusion of electronic elements and dark, thudding beats. When mixing and mastering the tune, Giancarlo Lino & Michael Bozzi took care to capture its inherent darkness and vulnerability, while highlighting the unique instrumental backdrop that speaks to the duo's penchant for melding genres and moods in unconventional ways.

"At some point in our lives we've all felt alone—from the drifter that sits in the back of the classroom, to the high-end super model that has an expensive apartment in the city," the duo continue. "While we were writing the song we wanted to express our deepest inner emotions—open up about the real things we go through [in a way] we've never done before. 100 percent pure, unfiltered honesty.”

With a message both inspiring and relatable, and a sound both versatile and accessible, it's no wonder this outfit has been garnering attention and support from heavyweights like Gym Class Heroes, Jay-Z and more!

Enjoy the track's world premiere right here, and get ready for their new full-length, For Fun & Games, to drop later this year!

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