Never Shout Never Release "Magic" Video

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Never Shout Never may not pull any rabbits out of their hats, but this new video for Indigo hit "Magic" packs in a few other age-old tricks. First off, there's the fact they seem to have time-travelled. Tell us those vintage threads and filtered camera lens' don't scream of the '70s! Then, there's the fact that their local bar seems to have transformed into a makeshift magic show hot spot. And, best of all, the fact that the band forgo jamming on stage to act as subjects in a zany magician's own set. Oddly, they manage to survive being impaled by swords, and don't have a problem shapeshifting, but when it comes time for frontman Christofer Drew to have his turn at the disappearing act, we're not so sure if he ever comes back. Check it out.

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