PV Q&A: Get to Know My Genuine Find

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My Genuine Find may be New Mexico's foremost one-man electro-pop artist. He's also tireless, churning out EP after remix after video after EP. His "Always You" video, from the summer release Of All the Beauty, drops Sept. 3. (And we've got an exclusive preview on PureVolume.) 

PureVolume: What's your story in a nutshell?
Bobby Mares, AKA My Genuine Find: I made MGF to promote positivity and perhaps change your mind in a good way about situations in life and life in general.

PV: When someone at a party asks what kind of music you play, what do you tell them?

BM: As of now, My Genuine Find is pretty electronic-pop...or I create a genre such as positive-dance-love!

PV: Who and what are your influences?
BM: Musically, my influences are mainly Blink-182, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, which might sound weird, but knowing that, you can go listen to the music and hear it! As far as lyric influences, I base a lot of things off of a dream girl. My love songs that I have released mostly aren't about a real, specific girl, just someone that's perfect to me.

PV: What's been your biggest musical milestone so far?
BM: I got to play a show with Senses Fail! That was pretty cool, I've listened to them forever. Also, being in this past month's AP Magazine! I love that magazine and all the bands in it, so it was an honor.

PV: You have an intense following. What's your relationship with the fans like?
BM: It's like any other fan-to-artist relationship really -- I bathe them, they bathe me, y'know? Actually, they're the nicest, most genuine people I know and I love interacting with them.

PV: Who are some other PureVolume up-and-comers you'd like to hip listeners to?
BM: The artist Whitney Paige is coming out with stuff and her voice is awesome. I know everybody who checks her out will enjoy what they hear. She's going to be blowing up soon. Also my pals Josh Kay and Taylor Thrash -- very smooth, catchy stuff. 

PV: What's next for My Genuine Find?
BM: Probably some new music videos, whether it be silly ones or serious ones, I really want to do a lot more videos. I really love all aspects of social networking, so just continue to do different things on that and keep making music. With each release, I definitely want to mix it up from the last; with it only being me in my band, I have the freedom to make anything my heart desires and I plan on doing so.

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