Jamestown Story Premieres New Album Show Me Tomorrow

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Acoustic pop act Jamestown Story already helped us get into the holiday spirit with his Christmas album, and now he's getting back to his roots with the premiere of his new album, Show Me Tomorrow.

Comprised of the delicate acoustics and lush melodies that have had fans falling in love from day one, these 12 tracks represent musician Dane Schmidt's seasoned ability to convey heartfelt emotion through impassioned strumming and hook-laden choruses. It also drives home the point that sometimes, a thoughtful effort can't be rushed.

"When I was started working on this album, I told myself that I wouldn't release it until I had put something together that really expressed who and what JS stands for," says Schmidt. "Being an independent musician, I've always had to focus on putting music out at certain times of the year to keep money coming in so I could pay my bills and continue doing music full-time: With this album I didn't care if it took three, six, 12, 18, months to get done, I just wanted it to be something I was extremely proud of when it was finished."

We think fans will agree. From the swelling instrumentation on "All I've Ever Known," the heavy-hearted acoustics on "Scarred," and the sunny piano on "Waking Up," these are songs that will resonate on various levels of depth and emotion. 

"I've spent a lot of my career writing music that I thought people wanted to hear and decided with this record I would write music I thought people needed to hear," Schmidt continues. "In the end, I believe I accomplished that goal and I'm extremely proud of this music."

Enjoy the album's exclusive premiere right here.

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