The PV Q&A: Young the Giant's Sameer Gadhia on Making Their New Album: "For us it’s always been what we vibe on together"

by PureVolume Aug 11


This week's PV Q&A is with Young the Giant's lead singer Sameer Gadhia. The Orange County natives are set to release their third album, 'Home of the … Read More »


The PV Q&A: Matthew Logan Vasquez on the Making of His New Album: "My only job was to wake up and write music and live in New York"

by PureVolume Aug 03


This week's PV Q&A is with Matthew Logan Vasquez, aka the lead singer of Delta Spirit. Over the past year or so, Vasquez has embarked on a … Read More »


THE PV Q&A: Andy Leo on Crown The Empire’s ‘Retrograde:’ ‘It’s establishing an identity for us’

by PureVolume Jul 28


This week's PV Q&A comes hardcharging, and even harder working outfit Crown the Empire. Over the past few years, the band has been a touring machine with … Read More »


The PV Q&A: Good Charlotte's Benji Madden on the Band's Legacy: "Good Charlotte has always been for the underdogs and sticking up for the little guy"

by PureVolume Jul 21


This week's PV Q&A is with a longtime favorite in Good Charlotte's Benji Madden. It's been over six years since Good Charlotte released some new material, so … Read More »


The PV Q&A: Chris Carrabba on upcoming Dashboard Confessional album: ‘I’m trying to see what would have happened if I had followed my muse’

by PureVolume Jul 14


This week's PV Q&A is with someone who we've been a longtime fan of: Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. The band is currently on tour performing in … Read More »


THE PV Q&A: Alison Mosshart of The Kills on Their New Album: "It’s a real combination of two people, and two people’s lives over the last five years"

by PureVolume Jul 07


This week's PV Q&A with resurgent blues rockers the Kills. Absent from the scene for nearly five years due to various maladies, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince are... Read More »


THE PV Q&A: The Avett Brothers' Scott Avett on the Band's Live Show: "You can make the biggest space just silent or booming, and both are great"

by PureVolume Jun 30


This week's PV Q&A is with one of our favorites: the Avett Brothers. With a new album that was released last week, the band's familiar take on … Read More »


THE PV Q&A: Brad Shultz on Cage The Elephant Albums: "Each record has been a snapshot of our lives"

by PureVolume Jun 23


This week's PV Q&A is with a band we've become quite familiar with over the past few years in Cage the Elephant. We caught up with Brad … Read More »


THE PV Q&A: Fran Healy of Travis on the Band's New Album: "This is the best thing I’ve ever been involved in"

by PureVolume Jun 16


This week's PV Q&A is with Fran Healy, the singer of British rockers Travis. The band has influenced many in their two decades, including Coldplay, Keane and … Read More »


The PV Q&A: Garbage's Shirley Manson on Streaming: "It doesn’t really matter what I think. The system is in place and I can’t stop it."

by PureVolume Jun 09


This week's PV Q&A is with none other than the iconic Shirley Manson of Garbage. For the best two decades, Garbage has become one of the most … Read More »


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