The PV Q&A: The PV Q&A: The Mowgli’s Katie Jayne Earl Talks ‘Kids In Love,’ San Francisco and Bill Nye

by PureVolume Apr 15


The Mowgli's Katie Jayne Earl talks about recording their sophomore album, what it was like to sing the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants baseball game and meeting Bill Nye. Read More »


Fall Out Boy: The PV Q&A with Pete Wentz

by PureVolume Apr 08


Pete Wentz talks to us about the band's three-year hiatus, adjusting to "normal" life and why the band changed their sound for 'American Beauty/American Psycho.' Read More »


The PV Q&A: PVRIS On Releasing Their Debut Album— "It’s like we had this huge thing that we’d built up and finally got to open the door and let it out.”

by PureVolume Apr 01


The trio chats with us about touring, signing to Rise Records, and how they overcame their fears and released an album for themselves rather than 'the scene.' Read More »


The PV Q&A: Lights On Touring—“I don’t get nervous about it anymore and don’t feel like I have that much to prove to anybody”

by PureVolume Mar 25


Lights chats with us about recording 'Little Machines' pregnant, how having a kid has changed her views on touring and her secret to putting her daughter to sleep before going onstage. Read More »


The PV Q&A: Never Shout Never’s Christofer Drew — “People just think we’re assholes, but I think we’re misunderstood”

by PureVolume Mar 16


Never Shout Never's Cristofer Drew talks with us about 'Recycled Youth,' touring again, and how the band's bigger in South America than the United States. Read More »


The PV Q&A: Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds On Depression: "This was everything we could have ever hoped for, but on the same note, it’s probably the lowest I’ve ever been in my life."

by PureVolume Mar 09


Imagine Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds chats with us about 'Smoke & Mirrors,' his family life, and his current struggles with depression. Read More »


The PV Q&A: Anthony Green on Addiction — “I never was one that subscribed to the idea that I needed to be high to come up with cool shit, but I’d always get high while I was writing”

by PureVolume Feb 26


Circa Survive's Anthony Green chats with us about writing 'Descensus' sober and his reaction to the album's warm reception. Read More »


The PV Q&A: The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon On Tom Petty References — "Sometimes I do feel a little out of my league"

by PureVolume Feb 05


The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon talks 'Get Hurt,' Tom Petty references and why he tends to over-use certain words in his songs. Read More »


The PV Q&A: The Decemberists’ Chris Funk On The Band’s Marketability — “Our aim is to make an album. I don’t think we’ve ever been a band that’s able to sell.”

by PureVolume Jan 28


The Decemberists' Chris Funk chats with us about the band's hiatus, Portland's newly dubbed "Decemberists Day" and what it was like to appear in an episode of 'Parks and Recreation.' Read More »


The PV Q&A: Halsey on Her Feminist Persona — “My goal isn’t to write about feminism, it’s to write about my life”

by PureVolume Jan 21


Halsey chats with us about her songwriting process, melding pop alternative and electronic sounds, and overcoming the adversity of being told she'd never be able to make a pop record Read More »


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