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Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek) invite us to a family reunion worth taking time out for: Fiction Family's sophomore release, Fiction Family Reunion. This time around, they've extended the family to include bassist Tyler Chester and drummer Aaron Redfield.

"Tyler Chester and Aaron Redfield, who toured with Jon and I for the first record, quickly became an integral part of the band and were equal partners in producing Fiction Family Reunion," explains Watkins. 

With Foreman and Watkins taking the lead on vocals, guitars, and various other instruments, and Chester and Redfield rounding out the sound with their own seasoned flair, these 10 tracks ring with an intense spirit and a sound that's not afraid to hop genres on whim. On one end of the spectrum there's the folk-tinged stand-out "Fools Gold" and the twangy, acoustic-led "Up Against The Wall," and on the other, the psych-pop opener "Avalon" and the sunny, syrupy "Reality Calls." 

"For me, these songs epitomize the joy of playing live music. We recorded most of this album playing live in the same room. No headphones, no agenda, just a couple of friends playing songs together," Foreman says. "Many of the songs on this record were recorded as we learned them, so the third or fourth time through the tune was the take you hear on the album."

Enjoy the album's exclusive premiere right here and grab a copy when it officially drops January 29 via Rock Ridge Records. You can also catch the band touring in support of the album as the headliners on To Write Love on Her ArmsHEAVY AND LIGHT tour!

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