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Welcome to Brandi Cyrus' inaugural, bi-weekly column for PureVolume, titled Hear and There. The singer/guitarist—and member of Frank + Derol—will be penning her thoughts on, well, anything she feels like. Follow Brandi on Twitter @TheBrandiCyrus and check out the music of Frank + Derol here.

I wanna start off this column by NOT telling you what kind of blog this is going to be. Sometimes I may want to tell you stories about different experiences in my life, and other times I may just want to share new music discoveries, or give movies reviews.

I may even throw in a little beauty and fashion here and there for the chic readers every now and then. Basically what I'm trying to get at is that I don't want to limit what I write about by calling this a music blog—or really any kind of blog. It's just a place for me to spill my thoughts and make new friends.

I hope that what I write in this column can inspire you, relate to you, maybe educate you . . . and even entertain you. So to get things started, I thought this week I would keep it simple and share some music with you guys that i've been listening to lately! Maybe they are some of your favorite songs, too, and we can celebrate our common taste . . . or maybe I can introduce you to something that might just become a new favorite for you! Enjoy!

1. Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown — Wild Child

If you like rock and roll, there's no way you'll hate this band. Tyler Bryant, the frontman of the band, is an incredibly talented vocalist, songwriter, and a killer guitar player. I've seen them live and they are loud, loud, loud! And I mean loud in a great way.

As if it's not enough to have this amazing lead singer, the entire band is as skilled and amazing as they come. They each completely own their respective instruments and all of them bring something special to the band's dynamic. I saw them at the Viper Room recently and it was one of the most fun shows i've been to in a long time. "Fool's Gold" is my favorite track of their new record Wild Child. You can stream a good portion of the record here on PureVolume!

2. Paper Route — The Peace of Wild Things 

I've been a fan of this band for a long time. They get an A+ from me on everything from their songs down to their album artwork. Their first album Absence was incredible, and their recently released second album The Peace of Wild Things has been on repeat on my iPod consistently since it dropped this past summer. My favorite tracks are "Letting You Let Go" and "You and I" but I really do enjoy the whole record. Also, if you like what you hear do yourself a favor and check out their video for "You and I."

 3. Wildcat! Wildcat! — "Mr. Quiche"

I had the pleasure of playing a show in LA with this band, which is how I discovered them to begin with. They also happened to be one of 98.7 FM's [an alternative rock station here in Los Angeles] local artist in residence, so you may have heard them on the radio in August if you happen live in Southern California. They've got a cool sound, and I was astounded to see that they have NO guitars on stage—save for a bass—and as a guitar player, I, of course, wrinkled my nose when I first noticed. After a few songs into their set, however, I was hooked. "Mr. Quiche" is my favorite song i've heard from them so far. Definitely check that one out.

4. Passion Pit — "Take A Walk" (M Machine Remix)

This song is clearly ridiculously popular, and I'm happy for the band's success. It gets radio play on all of the rock stations here in LA, but correct me if I'm wrong—and I may be—but I feel like no one has really heard the remix they released by M Machine. I got it as free single of the week before the song was flooding the radio, and honestly I'm a WAY bigger fan of the remix than the original version of the song. If you haven't heard it, check it out here

5. Madi Diaz — "Burn"

I had to throw a female artist into the mix and represent for my team, if you will! I'd heard a few songs of hers and knew that some of friends were into her stuff . . . but then I heard this song and had a 'Whoa, who is this?!' moment that finally led to me buying her latest album. I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard fan now, but I do really love this song. I also love her album cover.

— Brandi Cyrus

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