'A Tribute to Alkaline Trio' Mastermind Shares Favorites

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Wayne Stadler founded San Diego's Pacific Ridge Records in 2003; today's release of A Tribute to Alkaline Trio marks one of the label's creative high-points. The 37-song effort, though comprised solely of covers, oozes with original interpretations and reverence for the Trio's legacy in modern punk. PureVolume asked Stadler to choose his three favorite Trio songs -- and stay tuned later today, when artists who contributed to the effort (and debuted their covers on PureVolume) weigh in with their favorites:

"Jaked On Green Beers"

"There are a handful of Alkaline Trio tracks that have truly resonated with me over the course of my life," Stadler says. "If I were to choose a couple of songs in particular I would have to start with this B-Side. The main reason being that I heard 'Jaked' on the Blink-182's Atticus compilation. Of all these standout artists -- Taking Back Sunday, Finch, and Bad Astronaut -- 'Jaked' was still, by far, the best track on the compilation. It was also the first time I ever heard Alkaline Trio, giving the song a little extra meaning.


"Another song that had a profound impact on my life. The lyrics and emotions involved with the track made that rare musical event occur where certain verses actually gave me goosebumps and literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up."

"Private Eye

"To round out my top three Alkaline Trio songs, I would have to mention 'Private Eye,' for no other reason than it's completely 100 percent bad-ass. It's memorable, catchy and is the best song to introduce people to who may not have heard of the Trio. It probably sounds like hyperbole and pretentious BS, but in reality Alkaline Trio are truly one of the main reasons I have the passion and appreciation for independent music that I have. And I definitely don't think I'm alone when I say that."

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