Free Music: Youngblood Hawke's "Dannyboy" -- Song of the Day

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Youngblood Hawke's new single, "Dannyboy," is the total opposite of that dismal, irish ballad of the same name -- so don't even think twice about it as you venture forward. This song envisions a new world for good ol' Danny boy, one that is sunny and youthful, brimming with candy-coated optimism and chances ready to be taken. From the electric guitars and fun-loving synth, to the congos and hint of a jungle-fever flair, you'll have trouble sitting still, and suppressing a smile. And since we're all for the promotion of a good time, we're offering this one as a free download. Grab it, and to hear more from Youngblood Hawke's self-titled EP, head to their profile.

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