Free Music: With Lions' "Leaving Me" -- Song of the Day

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With Lions' Christian Celaya once noted that the band attempts "to score life" with their genre-crossing blend of experimental, ambient, jazz, and electro. Take exhibit A -- their song, "Leaving Me," and its subsequent new remix, as imagined by Josh One. While the original takes cues from darker themes, heavier melodies, and classical soundscapses, the remix offers an eclectic mash-up of the three, lightening them up with layers of reverb and an electro-heavy finishing touch. Between the two, you could realistically score whatever life throws at you -- and with a limited time, free download of both, you can carry them with you to whip out when the moment so strikes. "Leaving Me" comes from the band's Touch The Sound EP, which is the first of four they plan to release this year. Look out for the next, Equipo, due out this spring.

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