Hear an Exclusive Remix of White Arrows' "Get Gone"

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White Arrows make hazy, organic, celestial, for-all-seasons dance pop--perfect for the last days of summer or for a bedroom dance party in the cold. Their newest single, "Get Gone," has laser-light-sounding synths; clapping, foot-tapping drums and an airy yet powerful melody delivered flawlessly in Mickey Schiff's slightly nasal tenor. 

Los Angeles-based tropical beat makers Tribe of Zebras sent the track even further into space on their minimal, sparkling remix, streaming here. Paring down the percussion and lowering the vocals brought out the warmth of the track as a whole, while still maintaining its quietly unstoppable beat.  

In a recent interview with the LA Weekly, Schiff explains that it's more than just an aesthetic sensibility that inspires his uniquely visual songs. He was actually born legally blind, but when corrective surgery gave him sight at eleven years old, his visual experience was so stark--hard lines, angles, brightness everywhere the blur used to be--that the appearance of the whole world, and of the art he makes in it, has always been focused on not only sound, but sight as well. "Get Gone" is an excellent example of this visual songwriting; it makes the listener feel transported to a dance floor somewhere out in the cosmos, or at least to somewhere bigger than just sound itself. 

Stream both tracks above, and read the rest of the LA Weekly article here.  

White Arrows' Get Gone 7" is available now from Ooh La La Records

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