Our Top Ten Favorite Songs from Bonnaroo 2012 Artists

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We don’t know about you, but around here, we’ve been getting all sorts of excited about this year’s Bonnaroo festival. So excited, in fact, that we’ve created a list dedicated to our top ten favorite songs from some of the artists set to perform this year. We wish we could have included more [have you seen that lineup?], but we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of it, and we think you’ll like what you find. Check it out – and hey, maybe we’ll see you in Tennessee this summer!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Whoever this Dani California chick is, may she rock on forever, because this song highlights everything we love about the Chili Peppers.  Amazing guitar work, funk-filled vocals, lyrics that fall somewhere between clever and crazy – this one has it all, and it’s all so good.

Flogging Molly

We realize this may be obvious, but when it comes to Irish bands, Flogging Molly is our oldest and most reliable friend.  This is also the most gorgeous song about death we’ve ever admitted to liking – though this could definitely be thanks to those bagpipes. Solid gold.

The Joy Formidable

This is one of those songs that shines in its chaos. Sure, the vocals, drums, and guitars offer nice moments on their own, but it’s when they all fuse together that the real magic happens. They layer so beautifully in their disarray, and create a significant highlight out of what should be confusion. And we think that’s what takes a song from great to game-changing.

The Shins

Remember in Garden State, when Natalie Portman told Zach Braff this song would change his life? Homegirl knew what she was talking about. Yeah, it may border on cliché now, but “New Slang” will always tug on our heart strings with its pretty acoustics, quirky background melodies, and oh-so-indie aesthetic.

Bon Iver

Yes, we went with the obvious choice on this one. Judge us for it. [Please don’t judge us.] But can we all agree it’s basically an unwritten fact that Bon Iver wrote this song to show us all what perfection truly is? We’ll always love our “skinny love.”

City and Colour

With its spine-chilling, goose-bump inflicting quality, this is one of those songs that begs to be played when its raining, snowing, or you’re just generally feeling dark. That’s not to say it’s a downer, but thanks to its quiet acoustics, aching vocals, and generally woodsy tone, it naturally evokes the somber side of things. That chorus will also blow you away.

The Lonely Forest

There are so many things right about this song. First of all, there’s the vocals that are so clear, and so passionate, they do our heart good. Second, we’re digging these rhythms. Third, these harmonies are magic. And last, well, just wait for that guitar solo.


With its sleazy electric guitar work countering those funky piano plunks, this song oozes cool. Add in those acoustics and worn-down, small-town flair, and we’re entirely sold on it. Plus, how can you hate on a song with lyrics this pretty: "I want you to make the days move easy."


This was the first Grouplove song we were ever lucky enough to hear, and every day since we've been so happy we did. Imagine one of those monstrous boxes of Crayola Crayons bursting through a stereo, and you've got this song in a nutshell. It’s bright, youthful, and has more energy than it knows what to do with. Pure fun.

The Beach Boys

Is there anyone who doesn't get the tiniest bit nostalgic over this song? C’mon 90s kids, you know you remember these dudes jamming out with Uncle Jesse on Full House. But in all seriousness, this classic evokes the always-welcome imaginings of sandy beaches, summer sunshine, and California dreaming. We’re so looking forward to seeing these legends grace the stage once again.

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