The Violet Lights Premiere "Your Love/Not Enough" Music Video

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If you sense any tension in the Violet Lights' quirky new video for "Your Love/Not Enough," than you're picking up on the friendly-fire that arises between bandmates when they're sleep-deprived and working on overdrive. As Joel Nass put it, "Amber [Garvey] and I nearly killed each other making this video, we didn't, but we got it done." Not only did they "get it done" — they conquered it. This video sees the duo holed up in a dank apartment, empty of all but a futuristic control panel that brings the outside world straight to their window in a series of fuzzy, TV-like channels. It's all a little bit espionage thriller meets coming-of-age sci-fi graphic novel, and the concept works incredibly well with their unique blend of sunny indie-pop and scuzzy garage rock. Something this cool takes time, though. 

The supply gathering, prop assembly, set preparation, and filming and editing of this video kept us up late many a night," Amber Garvey explains. "It took several months and brought us all over the colorful city of Los Angeles. Joel and I made this video completely on our own and were only able to complete it by being stubbornly unwilling to let any apparent obstacle stand in the way. So, although it's just a three and a half minute music video, when it was finally done we felt like we'd conquered something."

We couldn't agree more. Check it out, and if you dig their sound, take note they're on the road for most of July and the below list of dates and details will clue you in on when you can see them live.  

Upcoming Shows:
July 2: Des Moines, IA @ Gas Lamp

July 3: Iowa City, IA @ The Mill
July 4: Minneapolis, MN @ Cause
July 5: Green Bay, WI @ Three Three Five
July 6: Marquette, MI @ Upfront & Company
July 7: Green Bay, WI @ The Crunchy Frog
July 8: Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
July 9: Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
July 12: Detroit, MI @ Majestic Garden Bowl
July 13: Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee
July 14: Cambridge, MA @ Lizard Lounge
July 16: Northampton, MA @ The Elevens
July 18: New York, NY @ Piano’s
July 19: Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill
July 20: Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire

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