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Larry Livermore, co-founder of the legendary Lookout Records and the man who first hyped Green Day, Operation Ivy, and Rancid to hungry punk-rockers, had sworn for years that he was "done with the music business." So, naturally, he found himself nudged back into its graces to compile and produce The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore. Don't get us wrong, it did take a bit of coaxing from Adeline Records co-owner Billie Joe Armstrong, but Livermore eventually surrendered to the realization that "this was an opportunity to do for a whole new crop of bands what [he'd] been able to accomplish at Lookout back in the '80s and '90s, which was to bring exciting and passionate music to the attention of a public that might otherwise never get to hear it." 

He's not kidding, either. This 16-track compilation highlights custom-made tunes from punk's brightest young talents, including Mixtapes, Emily's Army, Night Birds, the Copyrights, and more. To celebrate the album's official drop today [May 29], we're streaming it in full and serving up a track-by-track commentary from Livermore himself. Check it out, and grab the album for your collection via Adeline Records.

Dear Landlord: Punk rock supergroup, featuring members of the Copyrights, Rivethead, House Boat and Off With Their Heads. Because they live in different parts of the country, they don’t get to play together that often, but when they do, look out!

Mixtapes: Haters slag them off as "mall punk," lovers call them dreamy, inspired, and about to be totally massive. I’d go with the lovers.

Lipstick Homicide:  Two girls and a guy got tired of rocking the Iowa cornfields, so they’re bringing their 39/Smooth-style, punky hardcore out of the heartland and into your hearts!

Dopamines: Dark anthems of degradation and despair unleashed from the pain-stricken bowels of — Cincinnati? Somehow these guys have acquired a reputation for nonstop partying. I can’t imagine why.

House Boat: The pride and glory of Queens, featuring the inimitable song stylings of Grath from the Steinways, Barracuda McMurder, and Science Police, joined by Zack from Dear Landlord, Mikey from the Ergs, and Ace from beyond the grave.

Vacation:  You know that Bible verse where it says 'Make a joyful noise'? Somebody told these guys 'joyful' was Bible-ese for 'loud.' Something strange is going on down there in Southern Ohio -- something strange and wonderful.

The Max Levine Ensemble:  Spoonboy, Nick and Bepstein sing about petsitting, firetowers, and hating your body. Oh, and they love to watch you dance.

Emily’s Army: These kids can outrock anyone on the block, and they’re still in high school! Serious next generation stuff.

Weekend Dads:  Lilting, rollicking punk rock ditties from the east coast of Canada. These guys have their own pirate ship! Honest!

City Mouse:  Miski Dee’s electrifying and unforgettable vocals anchor this rock solid trio out of glorious Riverside, California.

Mean Jeans:  If the
End Of The Century-era Ramones locked themselves in the garage with a few cases of alcoholic inspiration, they’d come out sounding something like this.

Be My Doppelganger:  Not nearly as Nietzschean as their name might suggest, Be My Doppelganger live by the river in Southern Indiana and annoy the neighbors all the way to Kentucky.

The Hextalls:  Coruscatingly funny, irresistibly infectious punk rock from these manic wiseacres out of Vancouver, BC. Night Birds SoCal surf-punk meets New Jersey hardcore. Coast to coast mayhem ensues.

The Copyrights:  Heart-stopping anthems, pit-stirring madness, passionately charged intensity from the traveling bards of Carbondale. If people still smoked at shows, it would be nonstop lighters aloft every time these guys play.

The Visitors:  Exploding out of Ottawa, the punk-rockingest city in all of Canada, this is one set of Visitors that will never wear out their welcome!

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