The Spin Room Talks Passion Behind 'The Early Years' EP [PV Q&A]

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The Spin Room just debuted The Early Years EP on PureVolume. We spoke to frontman (well...only-man; it's a solo act) Nick Miley about his dreams, his story, and the recipe for his brand of pop-punk.

PureVolume: Who are you?
Nick Miley:
Hi, I'm Nick from The Spin Room. I'm a solo artist out of Long Island, NY. If you know of me then you already know that it's more than just having a passion for music -- I also spend a lot of my time listening and responding back to my fans via Facebook, Twitter and PureVolume. My mission is to dominate the internet and to spread happy, joyous feelings across the universe.

PV: When a stranger asks at a party, how do you describe the music you make?
I'd answer them with the question: Have you ever been in love? Then I'd say if you blend love, passion, drive and old school Taking Back Sunday together in a bowl and add some sugar, that's The Spin Room.

PV: What's the story with The Early Years?
Well honestly The Early Years EP is where it all began. They're songs that I was one day thinking of re-recording but I realized the passion you get when you record a song for the first time can never truly be reincarnated. The songs were good but they needed a fresh start so I remastered them myself. I wanted to bring out the vocals a bit more. They were really special songs to me and helped me realize that if I wanted to, I could someday play music as a career. Then I recorded The Dreams We Keep EP with Rob Freeman and I knew I made the right decision.

PV: What's your ultimate musical dream right now?
My dream would be to get signed to a good record label and to play Warped Tour at least once in my life. I don't need to be a millionaire. My dream is to be able to just make enough money to support my wife and two kids in a three-bedroom condo that I can pay off before I'm 40. I want my future children to be able to go to school and have fun telling stories about how their dad rocked it out.

PV: Who are some other PureVolume up-and-comers you're into?
Paradise Fears, Take Cover, Sweatshirt Weather, We Are! The New Year, The Material, and Falling in Reverse.

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