The Rocket Summer Premieres 'Life Will Write The Words'

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The Rocket Summer, aka Bryce Avary, has been bringing his signature vocals and sunny tunes to our eager ears and iTunes libraries for years now. He's rocketed to the top of the charts and built an incredible support system of fans, but with his new album, Life Will Write The Words, he's tackling new ground — his first, independent full-length. It will take you only a minute into opening track "Run and Don't Stop" to find he's conquered the new initiative with fierce passion, a clear sense of maturity, and a sound that's as reminiscent of his past work as it is littered with new style and multi-instrumental influences. Of the album's twelve whopping tracks, highlights include the twinkling piano and anthemic vocals of "Revival," the sunny pop melodies and infectious hooks of "200,000" the fiery "Underrated," and the explosive closing track, "Ashes Made of Spades." From start to finish, it's a thoughtful and expressive effort that will impact first-time listeners and longtime fans alike. Spin the album's premiere in full and get ready for its official drop tomorrow [June 5] via TRS' own Aviate Records.

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