The Maine Share Exclusive Good Love B-Sides EP Track-By-Track

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Following yesterday's [September 11] release of The Maine's Good Love B-sides EP, bassist Garrett Nickelsen was kind enough to share with us this exclusive track-by-track. Learn the secrets behind the EP's six tunes, including song formation and inspiration, behind-the-scenes stories, and what sounds you can expect once the music hits your ears. And for even more of an inside look at this EP, you can check out the band's "Making of the Good Love B-sides EP" video and spin EP-track "Take Me Dancing." The EP is officially on sale via iTunes, and can also be obtained with your pre-order for the boys' upcoming DVD documentary, "Anthem For a Dying Breed."

1. "I Want You": This is one of the more upbeat songs we recorded for 'Pioneer.' It's a high energy song that never really let's up. I think it would be a really great song to play live.

2. "I'm Leaving": This has more of a rock feel. I remember this song really came together once Jared started jamming the guitar riff in the verse. The demo to this song was one of the main reasons why we thought recording a record ourselves could actually work.

3. "You'll Never Know": This song for sure has a completely different feel than any other song we recorded for 'Pioneer.' It's a pretty dark sounding song with an uplifting chorus. If we, as a band, could time travel to the '80s and create a song, I'm sure something like this would have come out.

4. "Goodbye": Just a classic Rock 'n' Roll song with a pretty jamming guitar riff in the verses. This was recorded in the second chunk of 'Pioneer' songs. I remember writing this song in the hot summer of downtown PhX at our manger Tim's office. The A/C went out in the office while we were writing there. So this song reminds me of being real hot and sweaty.

5. "Take Me Dancing": This song has been out for a little and we have played it on tour. It's really great acoustic song that hits with the full band at the end.

6. "Helloworld": The fastest song recorded for 'Pioneer.'  The acoustic guitar throughout the song really drives the energy up. There are a few mood changes within the song, and it's one of the more unique [songs] we have ever recorded. We are playing it live while in Europe and I think it will be a real bust in the set.

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