Watch The Indecent's PureVolume Sessions + Video Interview Part Two

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Last week, NYC's The Indecent filled us in on their [very early] band beginnings and treated us to acoustic renditions of "25 Steps" and "Lucky Ones" in the first part of their PV Sessions. In this second part, the band describe the differences between the NY and LA music scene — which, in a nutshell, will leave any East Coaster nodding in agreement and any West Coaster fearful of walking into a NY venue — talk about the musical growth and experimentation that came with creating their new album, and admit that on some of these new songs, things can get a little strange — strange in a very good way. And as for their PV Sessions? They're wrapping the segment with dynamic renditions of the piercing "Hear Them, Fear Them" and the chilling "Here Comes Another." Check out the interview and both songs below, and don't forget to grab the Control EP, which these songs come off of, out now.

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