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Since at least July, any time we've polled our users about what record they're most excited for there has been one resounding answer--Soul Punk. The debut LP from Patrick Stump, best known as main vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for Fall Out Boy, is finally being released on October 18th, after months of anticipation and uncertainty about the exact release date. The record stays true to the songwriting style of Stump's Fall Out Boy days, but adds a fresh twist of, well, soul. Owing much to the legacy of Michael Jackson, Soul Punk is true to it's name. It's a hybrid of some of the most revered genres in music--punk, soul and pop--and because of this has something to offer to everyone. 

Also unique to the album is that Stump took on Soul Punk entirely on his own. Not only did he write and compose every song, but he also played all of the instruments, and we don't just mean your usual guitar, drums and bass. No, we mean those, plus piano, synth, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, mandolin and, well, need we continue? Basically Soul Punk is Patrick Stump laid bare for all to hear, and now, finally, the moment has come to hear it. 

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