Exclusive: Stream 'Cujo,' the New EP From Colleen Green

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Colleen Green has California-girl-cool all figured out, which is funny, since she's from Boston. Green makes west coast stoner pop perfect both for making out with the cutest boy in school and for mourning the day when you decide he sucks. It's simple--a guitar line, some drums and Green's voice layered many times over--and has that impossible tenderness that always lies behind people who claim to never give a fuck. Cujo is layers of reverb and longing, everything sounds a little muddy and a little far away. It's also warm and comforting, though, the way you just have to scream to feel better, or cry until you can't anymore when something's over. You can hear echoes of Green's friends and labelmates Dum Dum Girls in her soft harmonies, but she brings something totally new to the table as well. Green's music is something totally new--riot grrl for a new set of girls (and boys too). It's by a world-weary girl, a girl whose heard it all, a girl who is over it and a girl who despite and perhaps because of everything, still believes a little bit in love.

Cujo is out today on Art Fag Recordings.  

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