Top Ten Tours We Can't Wait to Catch

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'Tis the season for excessive touring. At least, that's how it seems, with each new day toting a fresh batch of newly announced spring and summer tours. It makes sense, though. With the warm weather starting to sneak back into existence, and the sunshine bringing us all back from that dark, winter funk, what better way to celebrate than with live music? We've rounded up a list of the top ten tours we're most anticipating this spring and summer, so check them out, and be sure to let us know which tours you're most excited for.


When: May 17-June 16
Why We're Excited: Their new album, Ten Stories, is set for release only two days before the first of these shows kicks off. This means you can expect plenty of enthusiasm from band and audience alike, as well as the high likelihood you'll be one of the first to hear new songs performed live. 
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Dead Sara

When: April 13-June 11
Why We're Excited: Have you heard "Weatherman"? That song screams to be played live, and we want to be in that audience when it is. Plus, we've seen what this band can do with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, a drum, and Emily Armstrong's voice, so we can just imagine what they can do with full band and the energy of an excited crowd.
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Regina Spektor

When: April 10-May 15
Why We're Excited: This tour will mark Spektor's first in roughly two years, and that alone is enough to get anyone excited. Mostly, though, we just want to experience her killer piano skills and quirky vocal experimentations in the flesh.  
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When: April 3-July 21
Why We're Excited: Every time we listen to "Colours," we have a secret dance party with ourselves. Words can't express how excited we will be in an environment where this innate urge to dance will not be viewed as odd by those surrounding us. This show will be pure fun.
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Best Coast

When: April 24-July 27
Why We're Excited: What better way to ring in the warm weather months than with Best Coast's sunny tunes? Their latest single, "The Only Place," already has us east-coasters dreaming of shorelines and sandals. Plus, their new album of the same name will drop while they're on the road [May 15], so we imagine shows that month will be extra celebratory. 
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Say Anything

When: April 3-May 3
Why We're Excited: The only thing better than listening to Max Bemis sing about anarchy, is watching Max Bemis sing about anarchy a short distance away from where you stand. We were thoroughly pleased with the band's new album, and we can't wait to hear these new tracks live.
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Death Cab for Cutie

When: April 10-May 13
Why We're Excited: DCFC is hitting up some impressive venues en route this particular tour, and they've also enlisted some killer support acts -- Youth Lagoon and The Magik*Magik Orchestra [yes, an orchestra]. This is sure to be one of the more eclectic tours this season, and we're excited to see Death Cab live in action.
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The Shins

When: April 13-August 4
Why We're Excited: Their new album, Port of Morrow, has left us with a severe case of Shins fever. We suspect the only cure is a live show boasting a setlist heavy on these new tracks -- and, with any hope, the chance for a trip down memory lane with "New Slang." 
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Balam Acab

When: April 27-May 20
Why We're Excited: Alec Koone, aka Balam Acab, has created some of the most inventive, chill-wave eletro we've heard in a while, and we're interested in seeing how his sound will translate live. He's also touring alongside Active Child and Superhumanoids, the latter of which recently rocked our own PV House at SXSW.
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The Vans Warped Tour 2012 

When: June 16-August 5 
Why We're Excited: How do we even begin to answer this one? Warped Tour is like an amusement park for music junkies, and maybe that's its greatest appeal. Where else can you see an excessive amount of bands within a 24 hour time span, and all within one designated location? There's also the chance to stock up on all the band merch you've been too lazy to order online, eat greasy concession stand food without feeling bad about yourself, and generally bask in the glory of youth and summer sunshine. This tour's a solid ten.
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