PureVolume's Top Ten Songs for Sunshine

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After what's seemed like a lifetime of gray skies and cold weather [for us New Yorker's, at least], it's finally time to break out the barbecue pits, open up the swimming pools, and return to the no-hassle life of living in flip-flops and tank tops. Summer's more or less here, and what better way to greet it than with a custom playlist? From surf-punk to indie pop, we've gathered ten of the best tunes for sunshine. Give them a spin, and be sure to let us know what songs you're adding to your own summer playlist this year.

Grouplove's "Tongue Tied"

We have a sneaking suspicion every Grouplove song is packed with subliminal messages that enforce the having of good times by all. Should you be throwing a massive pool party, or just looking for a feel-good tune to crank in the summer sun, "Tongue Tied" should always be your go-to choice.

Dirty Heads' "Spread Too Thin"

Nothing says summer quite like swaying to the reggae-hop cool of Dirty Heads' breezy jams. This one makes us want to take to the islands with a tropical drink in hand, and never once look back. 

San Cisco's "Lover"

This Australian quartet could write the book on youthful, indie pop. Take their jam "Lover", for instance. With its sunny hooks, quirky harmonies, and garage pop flair, it reminds us of carefree, humid days spent holding water gun fights in the backyard. 

Surfer Blood's "Miranda"

This one's for all those summer flings that sizzle in the sun, just to wash up with the tide come August's end. [Not that we'd hope this for any of your own summer love affairs!]

Wavves' "King of the Beach"

Scuzzy, sun-burned, surf-rock with all the retro bells and whistles. We suggest hunkering down at your favorite sandy spot and blasting this one until the sun sets.

Portugal. The Man's "Share With Me The Sun"

"Share with me the sun/You forget sometimes it's yours." At least, you do if your'e an East Coaster whose sunny days are snatched away for majority of the year. Please allow this jam to remind you that strong UV rays are now yours to bask in for the next three-four months.

Best Coast's "The Only Place"

If you're not yet a fan of the West Coast, listen to this song and then get back to us. With its feel good vibes, sunny hooks, and talk of beaches and boardwalks, it's sure to put you in a California state of mind in no time at all. 

Ben Kweller's "Sundress"

Ben Kweller struck gold when he wrote this song. From its bright piano and timid verses, to its soaring chorus and building percussion parts, this one's a bona fide anthem for all those girls who favor floral dresses — and all the boys who can't help but love them for it. 

Amos Lee's "Windows Are Down"

Say what you will about beach towns, but there's nothing prettier than summertime in the country. This one's the perfect tune for driving down back roads with the windows rolled down, and the smell of wildflowers simmering in the air. 

Defeater's "I Don't Mind"

This song has us dreaming of quiet nights in a beach-bum town, where the only thing that matters is walking along the water, falling in love under the summer stars. There are few whole-heartedly perfect songs in the world, but this is most definitely one of them.

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