PureVolume’s Top 10 Biggest Songs Of The Year...So Far

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We're not sure how it happened, but somehow, we've already made it through half of 2012. It's been a short six months of insanely good music and plenty of artist accomplishments, so why not celebrate the work that's been done as we move forward into the rest of the year. We've played with numbers and reviewed our top charts to find the top 10 most played jams of 2012 so far. From PV legends like the Spin Room and He Is We, to new successors like Fall of Eden and Dakota Drive, the list is varied, and a true testament to the music you've been digging the most when you stop by the site. See who ranked, spin their top tunes, and let's cheers to a very solid first half of the year.

10. The Rocket Summer's "Run and Don't Stop"

Bryce Avary, aka, the Rocket Summer has returned with a new full-length, Life Will Write The Words, and the music scene has subsequently doubled-over in joy. If you need proof, you're looking at it. This album only dropped June 5, and already album-opener "Run and Don't Stop" has racked up more plays than songs that hit PV back in January. Talk about making a note-worthy comeback.

9. The Spin Room's "Fairest One of All"

Nick Miley, the man behind The Spin Room, is plenty used to creating a spike in PV's soundwaves. Not only has he been a constant presence on our weekly top charts, but he was also named one of PV's Top Unsigned Acts of 2011 this past December. With its driving guitars and love-struck chorus, it's no surprise that "Fairest One of All" snatched TSR yet another featured spot on PV.

8. Automatic Me's "The Resistance"

If there was ever a song to live up to its name, it's this one — and the obvious thing it's resisting is failure. Since its drop back in February, this tune has champed our top charts a handful of times, and this band has continued to deliver hit after solid hit long after February passed. What's their secret? We're not sure, but we have a feeling it's got a lot to do with their incredible skills for building a blowout chorus. 

7. William Beckett's "Girl, You Shoulda Been a Drummer"

William Beckett made the leap to solo territory this past year, and took flight immediately with the success of his Walk The Talk EP. Since he premiered "Girl, You Shoulda Been A Drummer" back in April, it's been tearing up our charts and keeping our spirits high. With its cool attitude, fun percussion work, and rock n' roll-meets-pop sensibilities, it's the kind of song that feels good to listen to and rightfully deserves the multiple spins it's received.

6. Heroes and Underdogs' "No Evil Space Sounds"

These Poughkeepsie pop-punks have been keeping the PV-momentum going since they premiered their debut EP, That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out, back in February. Since then, they've topped our weekly charts multiple times and have created a buzz around their music within the general scene. We have a feeling this won't be the only yearly top list you'll catch them on. 

5. The Icarus Account's "Unpredictable"

With their pretty acoustics, passionate delivery, and starry-eyed tunes, this duo have been racking up the plays since they premiered their Keeper of Your Heart EP in December. Since then, they've generously kept "Unpredictable" around as a free download, and in doing so, seem to have done their job of keeping your heart as well. 

4. Dakota Drive's "Save Me (All the Hope)" ft. Andrea O'Connor 

We were first introduced to this acoustic solo act when "Save Me (All the Hope)" began racking up plays earlier in the year. It's the kind of tune that makes an impact with its raw sound and bare-all mentality, and the addition of Andrea O'Connor's powerful vocals only adds to its appeal. 
3. The Spill Canvas' "To Chicago"

It's appropriate this rock outfit would find themselves here, because, in general, they've had a great year so far. They dropped their new album, Gestalt, on May 22, and watched as hundreds of loyal fans embraced it with the ferocity they'd embraced past efforts from years back. "To Chicago" was one of the first songs from the new album that they released, and it instantly scaled our top charts and had fans taking note that they were back and ready to rock. 

2. Fall of Eden's "Wargasm"

Please meet death metal outfit Fall of Eden — the only band in the [albeit short] history of our top charts to place for six consecutive weeks. And while their time at the top saw a succession of tunes, it's the monstrous "Wargasm" that has trumped all with the greatest number of spins. It's safe to say that this is a band you should keep your eye on, because chances are, 2012 may just be a good year for them all in all.
1. HE IS WE's "Skip To The Good Part"

When it comes to PV, this duo is certified gold. They first won our hearts back in 2011 when they dropped "All About Us" ft. Owl City, and since then, they've continued to impress with their pretty acoustics and dreamy melodies. When they streamed "Skip To The Good Part," it became official it was a tune destined to take over, and as we round out our list of the best songs of 2012 so far, it comes as no surprise that it's coveted the No. 1 spot. Now, that's skipping to the good part.

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