Five Reasons We'll Never Forget Thrice's Final Tour

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It feels like years have passed since Thrice first announced plans for their final tour, which is why there was something surreal about walking into New York's Best Buy theatre last night, waiting to take in the culmination of their efforts. That's when we also realized the vast difference between hearing plans and actually being a part of them. Because back in February, as we nonchalantly considered how great the tour was sure to be, we truly had no idea just how great. This was no standard show, and to write a standard review for it would seem unjust, which is why we've devised a list of the five reasons we'll never forget Thrice's final tour. Check it out, spin a few tracks from last night's setlist, and let us know if you've caught any of the shows on their final tour.
 Their setlist was every fan's dream: Seriously, though, it was -- and that's because the band asked fans to help them create it. We've got to say, their fans have good taste, as they carefully selected the highlights of the band's extensive discography. From their most recent efforts [Major/Minor] to their earlier musical initiatives [The Artist In The Ambulance], no album was overlooked, and the collection of songs chosen truly celebrated the work they've done over the years. 

Speaking of their fans -- they're awesome: If you're looking to get in a crowd where every person is there wholeheartedly for the music, you want to get in Thrice's. Not only are their fans incredibly devoted and supportive, but they're a lot of fun. There was no shortage of crowd-surfing and clap-alongs, and nearly every song became a joint effort from both band and audience. What resonated with us the most, though, was in the show's final seconds, when Thrice walked off the stage and a chorus of fans chanting"thank you, Thrice" began to ripple through the room.

Holy encores, Thrice: We've seen some cool encores before, but this one trumped all. The band came back for not two, but three encores -- playing a total of four numbers. They even brought a song out of retirement ["T&C"] for the occasion and initiated their own send-off to fans by concluding with "Anthology".

They meant what they said: The main focus of this show was the music, and even the band seemed to sense that, keeping their talking to a minimum as to allow maximum play time. In fact, they never even fully acknowledged that this was their final tour. That being said, when they did engage with the crowd, they were thoughtful and genuine. From thanking their fans and discussing how New York was an important city to them, to speaking out in support for KONY 2012, they spoke with substance and gratitude, and it was really nice to witness.

Goodbyes are always the most poignant: First, let us state that we know this is only an 'indefinite hiatus', but the fact still remains that there's a sense of urgency, nostalgia, and recognition that comes with anything "final" -- or near final. The reality of this "final tour" seemed to be present on everyone's mind, but rather than feeling weighed down by it, both band and audience embraced it so as to live it to the fullest. Thrice played their hearts out, fans could walk away fulfilled should this truly have been the last time, and the whole ordeal proved that goodbyes do bring forth the realization of how special things are. Thrice made us remember how important and impactful music can be, and if that's the final sentiment they could leave us with, then they've done their jobs as musicians, innovators, and people.

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