The Maine and The After Party Top PV's Weekly Chart

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PureVolume's weekly charts reflect the site's most-played tunes over the course of the previous week. Every Monday morning, the Week tab on our Top Songs page ranks artists by the most-played jams. Our champion chart-toppers from the week of Nov. 28- Dec. 4 are:

1) The Maine: In The Maine's most recent attempt at world domination, they grab this week's top spot with the irresistibly catchy "Some Days." With one day left on the countdown for Pioneer (due Dec. 6), and an exclusive stream of new song "Identify" still rocking their page, start placing your bets as to how many weeks they'll rock this spot. 

2) The After Party: Up one spot from their #3 slot on last week's charts, these guys have been causing quite the stir with their new single, "California." What do you think? Will this sunny tune bring them next week's top spot?

3) Rookie of the Year: This indie/pop solo act keeps his name firmly on our charts for the third week in a row-- but this time around, it's for Rookie classic "Turn The Page." Perhaps that full album stream of Along For The Ride had new fans eager to hear some of his past tunes?

4) Jamestown Story: This acoustic pop-duo made their debut appearance on our charts last week with "You're Going Down." The band has recently added their new album, A Walk Through Time, to their PV profile, and fans must have taken note-- after all, it's new song "Don't Say No" that brought them this spot. 

5) Jacobs Ladder: These Florida rockers brought us a stream of their four-song single release, featuring the reggae-tinged "Ring, Ring." Its low key vibes and cool choruses secured these guys' not only our No. 5 spot, but their band debut on our chart.

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