Pony Boy Premieres "Not In This Town" Music Video

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Marchelle Bradanini, better known by her eclectic alter-ego Pony Boy, shows off her unique blend of sultry soul in her new video for "Not In This Town." Utilizing the backdrops of desertous terrain, barren highways, littered beaches and a worn down town, she effortlessly evokes the dingy side of the old west that her music so heavily speaks to. "I wanted to shoot the video at the Salton Sea for it's desolate grandeur. It has the faded glamor of a town once great years ago now struggling to survive in a state of modern ruins, which seemed well suited for the concept of the song," explains Bradanini. "There's also still a palpable sense of hope and beauty even amongst the boarded up liquor stores, abandoned sea-side resorts and calcified fish bones. There's really no other place like it."

Adding a bit of odd humor to the mix, the video sees Bradanini joined by a mascot-like tiger, who accompanies her for the majority of her colorful trip. It wasn't easy creating such memorable visuals, though. "
The video was shot on 16mm amidst desert temperatures well over the 110 mark. We survived a momentary break down of my 65 mustang as well as a narrow escape from a local in a pick-up for not having a film permit," Bradanini recall. "We were given unloaded guns by a friendly caretaker at Salvation Mountain who even supplied us with much needed lighting furnished by the headlights of old VW bug."

From the scorching summer sun to the cast of real-life characters that speckled this video's making, it's no wonder the finished product radiates with such a blend of influences and attitudes. Check out the video's premiere right here and grab the song's single, which also includes the b-side “The Murder Ballad of Carrie Lee."

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