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Plug In Stereo is bringing the past full circle with his new album of old songs, The Collection. The acoustic-pop act has compiled 17 demos and older songs for an effort that spans his musical history. You can expect plenty of his signature dreamy melodies, sunny pop instrumentals, and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics, as well as a few tracks that utilize shimmering synth, pulsing beats, and an electro-pop mentality. Stream it in full via Soundcloud, and check out the full tracklisting below. The album will be available for purchase, though no release date has been finalized, and you can grab your pre-order here.

1. But I Can't
2. Hard To Sleep
3. Isn't That Sad
4. It Seems Like
5. For Once
6. I Can't Find Your Pulse
7. I've Been Thinking
8. Well, Isn't This Just Perfect
9. Rackets
10. Where I Am
11. Y-O-Y
12. Remember California
13. The Christmas Song (featuring The Ready Set)
14. Your Body is a Wonderland
15. Instrumental 1
16. Revolves Around Love
17. Instrumental 2
18. Who Are You?
19. Instrumental 3

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