PREMIERE: Yellow Paper Planes — "Bottle Up, Explode"

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As they've steadily built a following throughout their Midwestern base, Yellow Paper Planes have developed a moody brand of shoegaze-meets-indie rock. That's on full display on "Bottle Up, Explode," the latest single from the band's forthcoming debut full-length. Here, the brooding tune sees the bands alternate tempos, while keeping the same melodic tenor.

"'Bottle Up, Explode' is my trying to balance the impact that things I hold very dearly have on one another," singer/guitarist Joshua James explains. "From line to line I am explaining to either my love or to music itself that I will do anything to keep in her or its good graces. But I can't sacrifice one for the other.

"That balance is difficult at times with each wanting and deserving more of me. It's subject matter that I struggle with, but like thousands of songs before it, it comes down to the girl. "The song was first written in a fairly different manner than what ended up being put together and what ultimately ended up on the record. We built it around that repetitive dirge in the verses so relief could come when the chorus hits."

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