PREMIERE: Watch Milky Chance Perform "Stunner" Acoustic + Exclusive Interview

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By Katrina Nattress

Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch never expected to get signed when they were recording their debut album, Sadnecessary, in their homemade studio. They just liked playing music together. The duo who goes by the name Milky Chance still try not to have expectations and still like playing music together, it's just on a much larger scale now. After their first single, "Stolen Chance," essentially took over the Internet this year, the electronic indie-rockers found themselves preparing to release Sadnecessary Stateside and signed to Republic Records. Today, we have a very special premiere that includes footage of Milky Chance performing "Stunner" acoustic in a field and an exclusive interview with Dausch about "Stolen Chance"'s overnight success, releasing Sadnecessary in the US and selling out their first North American shows in five minutes. Watch the video above and read the interview below. 

PureVolume: You recorded Sadnecessary in a tiny, homemade studio. What were your expectations for the album during the recording process?
Philipp Dausch: We had no expectations at all. We had just finished school, and that’s just what we always did — make music. We spent our free time playing and recording, and we just wanted to record something. I had started an internship at a theater as a sound engineer, so I wanted to test my new knowledge...we never thought about making it as a band, we just wanted to record.
PV: What was it like to watch “Stolen Dance” skyrocket on the Charts?
PD: It all just seems like a big adventure because we had no plan. We had plans to travel around the world like people do after school, and then this happened, so we could take it as a chance to travel and do what we love to do and make music. It was all very surprising and so nice to travel through Europe, play concerts and meet people. It’s a crazy thing that happened to us, and we really enjoy it.
PV: You and Clemens have played in bands together before, but this is so different both in sound and arrangement. What’s it like playing electronic music live as a duo?
PD: When you play with other people, there’s communication in the music. It got more intimate with just the two of us. Also, our instruments changed. Clemens plays the guitar and sings, and I play drums and samples. So it’s definitely different.
PV: Have you ever thought of touring with a full band?
PD: When we toured in Europe we took a friend who plays the harmonica, so we kind of added an instrument. We don’t have a specific plan because we work really well together and like it just the two of us, but we don’t like saying no to anything in the future. We don’t plan on it, but it could definitely happen.
PV: Do you feel like “Stolen Dance”'s success is putting any pressure on your upcoming US album release?
PD: No, I mean of course everything changed a little by doing this as a professional job now, but we put the pressure away because it’s not healthy. We’re really excited and don’t know what’s going to happen, but pressure, no.
PV: You’ve got your first US tour dates coming up in October.
PD: Yeah, we’re really excited! The shows are already sold out.
PV: Yeah, the LA show sold out in five minutes, or something like that!
PD: Yeah, it’s great. It’s a good time to start, but we don’t put expectations on it because expecting too much could just turn into disappointment, so we just let it come and enjoy it and travel and see America!
Sadnecessary is slated for an October 14 US release and can be pre-ordered through iTunes. Starting September 30, receive "Stunner" as an instant download, along with "“Flashed Junk Mind,” “Fairytale,” “Down By The River,” “Stolen Dance” and “Feathery (Bonus Track)” with your pre-order.

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