PREMIERE: Vulture Whale — "Aluminium"

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In recent years, a new breed of Southern rockers has emerged and reinterpreted the swervy blues to create a groovin' indie sound that has allowed bands like Deerhunter and the Black Lips to shine. Though not from Atlanta like those groups, Birmingham-based rockers Vulture Whale continue that trend. Their moody indie rock sound is sharp and has muscular riffs that lock you in. We're premiering their "Aluminium" from their forthcoming album that showcases the best of the powerful quartet has to offer. With an acoustic intro, the song suddenly takes a sharp turn and recalls some of the indie giants of the late '90s.

"To me, 'Aluminium is about not chasing the gold, but being happy with something more base, like aluminium," singer Wes McDonald says. "You can find a lot of satisfaction and save a lot of time by milking what you can out of what you have, and not obsessing over the unattainable. It’s alright to get excited about these things. Actually, all of what I just said is bullshit. The song is about sex, ok?

"Musically, “Aluminium" is a bit more loungy than the other songs on the record. It’s something Sinatra could almost sink his teeth into. Though, he’d probably say, “Your song is crap, kid. I love the jazzy guitar work Nuby did on this one, though.”

Vulture Whale's Aluminium is out May 20 on Cornelius Chapel Records.

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